Trojan Client

W32/PcClient trojan removal tool. 1.0

W32/PcClient trojan removal tool. 1.0: This virus removal tool will detect and remove W32/PcClient trojan. cleansaturn.exe will detect and remove W32/PcClient trojan completely, from your system. Download the cleansaturn.exe and save it in a temporary directory. Double click on cleansaturn.exe to execute it. Follow the user-friendly instructions to detect and remove the W32/PcClient trojan from your computer.

a-squared Free Scans your computer for malware software: Trojan Horse, Dialer, Worms, Spyware
a-squared Free

Scans your computer for malicious software (Malware), including Trojan Horses, Viruses, Dialers, Worms, Spyware, Adware and more. a-squared Free is specialized in finding and removing them securely. The disk scan checks all files on your system disks for Malware. The scanner scans for Spyware Traces. Currently more than 2.5 million different types of Malware may be detected and removed. Free daily online updates provides the best protection.

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a-squared Anti-Malware Protects against dangerous software: Malware, Trojans, Viruses and Spyware.
a-squared Anti-Malware

Protect your PC from Malware-based hacker attacks. a-squared Anti-Malware uses a unique approach to deal with Trojans, Viruses, Worms, Spyware and Adware, providing an indispensable enhancement to any protection system, whether on a private PC or a company network. It comes with the power of 2 scan engines: Anti-Virus (Ikarus) and Anti-Spyware and 2 guard to prevent new infections: Signature based (5 times updated a day) and behavior based HIPS.

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TrojanHunter 5.5: TrojanHunter is a dedicated anti trojan with file memory and registry scanning.
TrojanHunter 5.5

trojans. - Memory scanning for detecting any modified variant of a particular build of a trojan. - Registry scanning for detecting traces of trojans in the registry. - Inifile scanning for detecting traces of trojans in configuration files. - Port scanning for detecting open trojan ports. - The Advanced Trojan Analyzer, an exclusive feature of TrojanHunter, is able to find whole classes of trojans using advanced scanning techniques. - TrojanHunter

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TrojanShield 2.20

Trojan Shield to protect yourself from hackers and Trojan viruses. If a hacker tries to break into your computer, Trojan Shield automatically warns you so you can take action against them. You don`t need to be a computer expert to use Trojan Shield, Just install it and let it go to work. The trial edition of Trojan Shield is fully functional for 15 days, during which time you can disinfect any trojans which you may be infected with and use all of

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Trojan Slayer 2.0.0: Protect your computer from Trojans. No Trojan lists required.
Trojan Slayer 2.0.0

Trojan Slayer is a software program that helps to protect your computer from Trojan infections. It learns what programs you use on your computer, creating a list of "good" programs. Once it has learned what programs are acceptable on your computer, you can switch to one of several enforcement modes, where it runs continuously. In these modes, Trojan Slayer blocks or eliminates any program that it has not learned is a good program. Since Trojans are

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Trojan Remover 6.8.8: Detects and automatically removes malware without the need to use SAFE mode.
Trojan Remover 6.8.8

Trojan Remover uses specially designed routines to automatically detect files hidden in this way, and alerts the user of their presence. These files can be disabled and/or completely removed. Trojan Remover also removes the additional system modifications some malware programs carry out which are ignored by most other Virus and Trojan scanners. Trojan Remover records information to a logfile each time a new Scan is activated. This logfile contains

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